120k Productions

Wes A. Wiens- Author, Webmaster, 800-Pound Gorilla

Enjoy one of these 120K projects:

Current project. Launched, but with a few minor tweaks to be done over the next while.

Krazy Bob's Music Emporium
Basically finished, but a few cool features yet to come!

The Rising Bun Bakery
120K's first commercial website project. The business is now closed but I have
an archived copy of the site in a .zip file if you wish to view it.

.:Hotaru no Hikari:. By:Wes A. Wiens
120k's flagship project. A manga series combining martial arts action with character driven drama.
Perpetually under early development.

Hurts To Think... Dot Com
Wes's personal website. NSFYS (Not Safe For Your Sanity)

Wes's Megatokyo Wallpapers
Wallpapers for Wes's fellow Megatokyo Fans